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Westerly Sound - "Still"

2018 - For Immediate Release Westerly Sound – Newly Released Album “Still”

Bainbridge Island, Washington band “Westerly Sound” has just released their first album. Their unique sound and rich vocal harmonies, are intricately woven into adventurous poetic stories. Band members Matt Bellman (Lead Singer and Guitarist), Sarah Favret (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, and Ukulele), and Raffi Minasian (Fiddle and Vocals) have performed for a wide range of audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The thirteen track CD “Still”, released in 2018 (CD and Vinyl format) delivers a multilayered sonic journey covering the lives and relationships, capturing stories of joy, adversity, and personal challenge. The band met four years ago in local music sessions finding connection in their diverse lives and upbringing. Their empathy flowed into the 'Westerly Sound', much like the stories within the waters of the Puget Sound. In many ways their songs are private conversations unwinding segments from each of their lives.

In 2016 after a year of recording in their own studio, Westerly Sound pooled their resources and called upon another Bainbridge Island resident, veteran recording engineer, and musician Johnny Bregar. His studio guidance, as engineer/producer and guest artist on the record have proven invaluable to recording “Still”.

The project launched on Kickstarter, hitting the funding goal within weeks of closing and exceeding expectations. The record is available in local record stores and online through the website

1. Have We Made Our Peace 4:27

2. Klamath Lake 4:11
3. The One Who Heard 4:42
4. Toledo - Tacoma 4:16

5. Sawmill Still 4:30
6. Shallows & Shoals 4:12

7. Ol' Wyoming 4:04
8. The Island 5:02
9. Over The Cane 5:06
10. The Columns 3:23
11. Give Me Your Tired 4:07

12. Breathe The Night 4:03

13. Pacifica 3:57

*All Tracks Radio Friendly – No explicit lyrics 

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